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record said in 1988 of 54 days. we are going to be wanting this cooldown that's coming. check out our headlines for today. we're going to get those fall like temperatures as we go into thursday and friday. also we'll be very windy today and dry behind that front. and because of that we do have a fire watch and red flag warning in effect for today. let me show you what i'm talking about. the fire watch is in effect for this beige area from 10 a.m. through the afternoon. we have the red flag warning in the pink there. that's from 2 p.m. this afternoon until 7 p.m. this evening. so no burning, no open burning today. if you smoke, make sure you don't throw your butts out the window. it's that dry. the relative humidity is very low outside. once again, windy conditions will pick up through the day. we're look at maryland's most powerful radar as of now. we had a few showers popping up into virginia and west virginia, but as of now things have fizzled out. as we go through the morning we can see a few more popping up.
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but not a lot of rain whatsoever. let's toss over to kim brown with your traffic. >> good morning. traffic-wise, we're good so far. earlier accident on route 100 eastbound at executive park drive has been cleared. aside from that we're looking good as we check our drive times, maps and cameras. no problems on 795, all lanes open. route 140 down towards the beltway, you won't encounter any problems. like i said, no incidents to let you know about so far, so good. around the cameras we don't have any problems up and down the harrisburg expressway. 95 corridor looks good. 695 is all clear. megan, back to you. >> thanks, kim. it's a minute after 6:00. this morning an investigation is underway into an apartment fire in howard county. it involves the death of one of the tenants there. investigators not only want to know what caused the fire on majors lane in columbia but also how that victim died. abc 2 news' linda so has more.
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>> reporter: a woman was found dead but police say her injuries were not related to the fire. investigators are trying to find out how she died and why a man with her was found in critical condition. the victim's mother told us off camera her daughter divorced the man but he became home less and she was temporarily helping him. she said he has a history of a bad temper. the woman had four children, the man is the father of the youngest. the fire broke out in the jeffers hill area of columbia. none of the four children were inside, now they are left to mourn the loss of their mother. >> just to see him sobbing like that, to just know he doesn't have a mother! sad, it's sad. >> reporter: police have not
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released the man or woman's identities. they are both believed to be in their 30s. at last check the man was in critical condition at shock trauma. meanwhile, the red cross helping nine families displaced by the fire. linda so, abc 2 news. a marine from randallstown was killed in afghanistan over the weekend. he is 25-year-old chris valley, died sunday when the vehicle he was in was hit by an ied. he was working for a private security firm. he enlisted in 2003. he served three tours of duty in iraq. he refused to leave his squad in iraq. he got the purple heart. he was fear less and full of adventure, planned to return from afghanistan and to marry his fiancie. a loyal university student was found unresponsive in his dorm room on monday night and
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was pronounced dead at the hospital. the cause of death is unknown, pending a medical investigation but his family said he had been diagnosed with a heart condition at birth. he was a business major. grief counselors are being made available to students at loyala. four minutes after 6:00. baltimore city police have three teens in custody after a stabbing near the university of baltimore and penn station. it happened monday afternoon in the 1500 block of maryland avenue. the victim told police a young boy asked for change for a $5bill. the 37-year-old victim refused, another boy stuck a knife in his back. the boy was 14 years old. officers arrested three suspects, two 14-year-olds and a 16-year-old. hampton elementary sits off
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dulaney valley road, and the beltway. but the belt size of the school has gone from a 31 to a 46. sherrie johnson live to tell us about a growing problem. >> reporter: yes, jamie, it's a growing problem. we're at the school, hampton elementary school in lutherville, where there is a big push to add an addition on the school building and get the students out of these trailers and prevent overcrowding. the school opened last week with 500 students, but the building is designed for 300 students. there are eight trailers, four on each side. every fourth and fifth grader at the school will be in a trailer this year, and parents say they thought construction on an addition was supposed to have started already. officials say a countywide referendum is needed for funding for the addition to be approved. >> there's stress on the
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facility itself. bathrooms, cafeteria, the gymnasium. >> reporter: coming up at 6:30, find out about what parents have to say about the overcrowding and the building. reporting live in lutherville, sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. in the old days, megan and the orioles score three quick runs and win their fourth straight, beating the yankees 6- 2. brad ferguson goes for the sweep this afternoon in the bronx. an update on a story we told you about last month. >> friends of a local ninth grader battling leukemia. now a donor has been found for joe gorman. his family still needs help, the community wants to do what they can. what they are doing is every tuesday and wednesday night, join for joe night at a local
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chili's restaurant. be present, join for joe, get the flier at the restaurant and then you can donate 20% of the funds from chili's to joe gorman's family. more information at a planned koran burning in florida causing controversy, but the outrage is turning to fear with the u.s. military. the danger it may put them in. just gestational carriers are giving come women the joy they thought they would never have. and the three best resumes, these people are ready to go back to work. first, let's work on our business and go to work joining abc. good morning. we begin your report with president obama's proposals to jump start the economy, he's in cleveland today making a case for $180 billion in business tax cuts and infrastructure spending. he's expected though to oppose extending the bush tax cuts for
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the wealthy. hewlett-packard is suing its former c.e.o. trying to prevent him from joining oracle. mark hurd was forced out last month. burger king is expanding its breakfast menu looking to take a bite out of mcdonald's business. the chain is introducing nine new items, the most ever at one time. your morning cup of joe could soon cost more. coffee bean prices have hit a 13-year high due to growing demand and poor crops. that is your money scope report, i'm rob nelson.
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>> it's time to get you back to
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work. we're asking you to submit your resumes, we pick the best ones and feature them. here is this week's job hunters. >> hello, i'm melanie collins, a professional human resource administrator with over 12 years of experience. i have a diverse background in the manufacturing, nonprofit, health care and hospitality industries, creative recruiter, dynamic motivator, engaging trainer. i look forward to speaking with you about how i may assist your organization to accomplish its financial and operational goals. thank you. >> my name is joanne. i have worked as a health desk analyst in information technology for 15 years, with experience in microsoft office, unix, windows xp, supporting internal and external users, documented and tracked calls using call-tracking systems and
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i am able to learn most systems quickly. please contact me for an interview. thank you. >> hi, i'm joni reynolds, a marketing professional with 20 years experience in media relations, staff and traffic management, public relations and social networking. hopefully get to talk to you about what i can do for your company. i can be reached for an interview. thank you. >> if you want your resume on abc 2, send us an e-mail now to best resumes at with a microsoft word attachment. we'll call you to tape an attachment to put on the air and our website. good morning, everyone.
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we're taking a look outside. we're looking at the inner harbor. we have some clouds around this morning. even with the clouds, it's a pretty shot. the clouds will hover basically as we have the cold front that moves through the area. before that cold front moves through the area, we really warmed up yesterday. it was a hot day. that temperature came in around 91 degrees into baltimore. and we actually set a record. this was the 55th day we saw of the temperatures in the 90s or better. a record was set in 1988, we broke it with 54 days of 90s or better. so, yes, it's going to be hot today as well ahead of the front. we could reach the 90s again, but i'm forecasting around 87. right now our lows are kind of warm. with that we do have the good shot at making the 90s. 74 degrees into baltimore. 73 richmond. roanoke around 73. 70 charleston. and not so bad in pittsburgh at 63 degrees right now. 76 in new york and also into
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philly. throughout the day, we're going to see some cooler temperatures by this evening. now, cool, dry behind this front. i know a lot of you after yesterday can't wait for this front to move through. ahead of the front, yes, we're dealing with a cloud cover i just showed you around the inner harbor and we have a few showers just light in nature, not going to drop a lot of rain. they will fizzle out towards the east at 40 miles an hour. quick movers, that's good news. the big picture here, texas is where tropical depression hermine is dropping lots of rain across northern and central texas moving to the north. our weather for today, we will be seeing cloud cover as we go throughout the day and behind that front we'll start to see more sunshine. this model not doing such a good job of the sunshine as we go through tomorrow and friday. in the meantime, today that temperature coming in at 87
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degrees, increasing clouds, warm and windy. by tonight check it out, mostly clear and cooler, around 55 degrees. let's head over to kim brown with your traffic. good morning, kim. >> good morning. we're very light on traffic incidents. only working one accident at this time. however, volume is starting to pick up as are those delays. as we look on the west side of the beltway at liberty road, you see the outer loop will be pretty heavy. we have a disabled vehicle right off the exit ramp with the flashers on. fortunately not impacting us too much but we don't need anything else to help this move pretty slowly. nothing happening around 695 as we look at our drive times on the jfx, you'll be okay, southbound from northern parkway to st. paul street no delays. 95 picking up, 4 minutes between the beltway and 895 split, 7 minutes to the fort
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mchenry toll plaza. an accident in timonium, and aside from that we're looking good. back to you. 6:16. for a lot of women getting pregnant is a lifelong drive. because of health issues, sometimes women are just not physically able to carry a child. in this morning's take five series, linda so tells us how gestational carriers are giving hope to couples who desperately want to have a baby. >> i mean, growing up, i would have never thought this would be me. >> reporter: like took an unexpected turn for kristin after she got married. >> in one second my dream was shattered. >> reporter: her dream to become a mom, shattered with one phone call from her doctor. >> the first initial call, i really thought i was going to fall apart. i was told as a child having cystic fibrosis there was a good chance i would not be fertile. >> reporter: because of her
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cystic fibrosis, it was not safe for her to get pregnant. they decide to look into adoption until they she got a call from her best friend jennifer that would change everything. >> she said, hey, kristin. i've talked to my husband. we've been praying about it. she said, i really want to carry a baby for you. >> reporter: kristin didn't believe what she was hearing. >> i have to talk to my husband. that's how we left it. we hung up. i went upstairs right away. i was like, you will not believe what just happened. i told him that night. we were like this feels right. >> reporter: it felt so right because kristin and jennifer had been through everything together. they had been friends since 7 playing how and growing up sharing special moments. jennifer was offering to be her gestational carrier, carrying a pregnancy for a woman who can't do it herself. her doctor says it was a perfect fit. >> she was young and had good
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eggs. we were able to do in vitro on kristin and then place one embryo into her best friend as her gestational carrier. >> a baby is now on the way for kristin and her husband, they are expecting in february. >> i'm going to love that child so much more because of this valley i've gone through, this long journey. i feel like there's a reason you go through the valleys. i think, you know, it makes being on top of the mountain worthwhile. >> tomorrow a look at in vitro and why it was the right choice for a local family. we're counting down the days for race to the cure, it's earlier than in the past, hunt valley or course.
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we're live from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. here is your chance to register. head to our website at when you get there, look at the top of the page, click on lifestyle tab and scroll to the right, you'll find "think pink" where you can register. we've seen her, kim brown. now we see betty white as a super hero. >> a child is barely alive after this, what a mother tried do after a driver and passenger slammed into her car with her children and ran off. we've got the details on that when we come back.
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the kennedy center honor honorees, for oprah it's her final year on the oprah winfrey show. they will be recognized for contributions to american culture. betty white has been everywhere. now she's a super hero. the 88-year-old who just won an emmy for hosting saturday night live is about to get her own comic book, female force, betty white. the 32-page book hits stores in november and joins hillary clinton and michelle obama in comic book lore. barbara walters back on "the view" after open heart surgery. elton john and justin bieber taped messages welcoming her back. she's 80 years old and had a
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heart valve replaced. >> time for birthdays. it's september 8th. crystal pierce from easton is turning 24 today. happy birthday, crystal. have a wonderful birthday. >> if you want to join the club, send us a nice e-mail picture and a little bit about yourself and send it to morning show at with a few days advance notice. >> up next, my, oh my, what did this pony do? >> why he was blown into smithereens. plus... >> some parents in baltimore county are fed up with overcrowding in schools. i'm sherrie johnson, find out what's being done about that problem. and sniffling]
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♪ man: we need a sofa. something i can stretch out on! woman: ooh... that will go with those lamps my mother gave us. or we could get some new lamps. or we could get no sofa. negotiating, eh? you got it! how about a nice home for our tv? how about doors to hide that drive-in theater? how about a cowhide rug? yee-haw! and the snacks? get their own place. let the marathon begin!
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♪ boy: (is mumbling to his mother) a burning apartment in columbia has police wondering if there was a crime committed before the fire. a man vows to burn the koran on september 11th, and the government is telling him not to do it. a toy pony is surrounded in florida. why this furry thing caused so much concern. we've got details on this wednesday morning. thanks for joining us. >> didn't expect that. i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle.
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it was nice out yesterday. we've been breaking records this summer as far as the heat goes. yesterday we got up to 91 degrees. >> that was it's 55th day we did that, the record set in 1988, 54 days. yes, we trumped that. we might do it again today, before that front moves through. we'll see how we go with that. we're going to get some fall- like temperatures in here as we go into today, actually tomorrow and friday rather. it's going to be windy and dry behind that front, and with that we have a fire watch and a red flag warning in place as of now. that fire watch is from 10 a.m. through 6 p.m. this evening, that's for areas in beige. we have red flag warnings for pink shading areas, from 2 p.m. this afternoon to 7 p.m. this evening. no type of open burning this afternoon, this morning, because it is very dry, relative humidities are low. winds will be picking up.
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check out maryland's most powerful radar. you can't see anything, can you? let me zoom in on this one lone cell right there. you can see it. it's right off towards the east of middleburg, moving slowly. as we check out the rest of today, things are going to start to die down, but it is going to get a little bit on the windy side as we go into time. currently we're quite warm around 71 degrees into darlington, that's why i do believe that we will have a chance to really hit the 90- degree mark. i'm forecasting around 87 degrees, around 4:00 this afternoon, but we could get warmer at bwi. let's talk to kim brown. she has your traffic. do you like how i say your whole name, kim brown? >> i do. as does my mom. she's watching. we're off to a good start this morning. expect it to be slow in the usual trouble spots around 95 approaching the tunnels, and 83 starts to slow around padonia

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